Is Charlottesville a Democratic or Republican Stronghold?

The Charlottesville metropolitan area is leaning towards the Democratic Party. This is a common trend in college cities, where the Democratic Party has a strong presence. The map below shows the political leanings of people in and around Charlottesville. Areas in dark red are almost exclusively Republican voters, while dark blue areas are predominantly Democratic.

Areas in lighter tones or light purple are areas where the vote is generally split between the two parties. In Charlottesville, Democratic candidate Josh Throneburg expressed his disappointment and urged Democrats to work together more effectively. It is clear that Charlottesville is a Democratic stronghold, and that Republicans have a lot of work to do if they want to make inroads in the area. However, with the right strategy and tactics, Republicans can make progress in Charlottesville and other college cities.

Jasmin Migliorisi
Jasmin Migliorisi

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